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heheyheyyyyyyyy suckers from all over the world....
ive bought my fujitsu!!
k lets nt say i bought it..
its i loan it...
that is the amount i have to pay after my ord to dbs bank..
this laptop is so light sia...
n very nice..
k let change topic...

yesterday went to ace's gig...
power kedemah..
i chart them the best band for that event man!!!
second goes to mamat jiwang!
the aces was wicked man..
musa n iban scribble that guitar like maturbate sia..
power kedemak!!!
credit to arep $10..
so let the pic do the talking again....

and this is during class n im very bored..
so i decide to snap some photo..

and this is at home testing webcam..

Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:56 PM
Back to the top, baby.

my new

the name is Ira...
guess wat???
she mine..
bt nt officially anw..
im too fast i think!
k chao.. dats all...

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 12:17 AM
Back to the top, baby.


its time to post again..

yesterday was adam bdae..
so went out to celebrate..
first went to shisha n then head to bedok reservoir platform to have a drink..
so went there i drank for the first time...
n i even gt drunk...
im the first to get drunk followed by jam then elfi..
bt then the worst was elfi...
elfi vomit first n then stone one side..
jam me went crazy n talk shit i cnt remember wat we talked abt..
bt i noe its very funny..
my first drink in life n i will always remember is Absolute Vodka..

power kedemah!!!
when the first time qas n i goin to drink..
we cheers for like dunnoe how many time before drinking..
after we drank we made this yuck sound quite alote of time..
coz the tase is fucking nt nice..
after that first drag, i will mix wif my ice lemon tea or orange juice before drinking it...
bt it was a nice exp after all...
so here are the pic dat i took when im drunk...

this is me n elfi drunk n smile like stupid...

Jam n Me
the happy drunken match!

Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 11:41 PM
Back to the top, baby.

dats the guy, andrew, the wan wif mullet hair..
he say dat his hair very nice n its was cut by a malay barber...

n when off day..
he will go to geylang to find his personal pros to fuck the backside...
he pay only $40 for 3 hr..
power kedemah..
n he like to find pros in the 40-ties
then he say " the girl backside fuyooooo very nice...
i like...
i always smell the backside n 1 time she fart at me wah... very smelly bt nice.. very nice i like.. "

this is how he smilee

n last ly this is a video of how he laugh excitedly..

Thursday, April 16, 2009 @ 2:15 AM
Back to the top, baby.


first thing first...
just to let u all noe im no longer wif ella...
cnferm u all will think like, wat sia aman n watever shit..
bt i think i make the right decision...
coz i cnt take care of gf...
i dunoe why...
so its better for her n myself...
so good luck in life n take care ella...
i noe im useless...

k next...
werk has been tough for me...
12hr 11hr 10hr..
wah very tiring..
bt fun also..
wanna why?
dunwan to noe also i tell..
coz there's alot of great n fun worker there to joke ard..
n at werk always bully this one guy name andrew tan..
lazy to story bt just show u all the pic..
k enjoy..

pic above
aiyooo why so cacat ? Its not a baby girl to me

pic above! HAHA the eyes like mine.so adorable >.<

pic above. HAHA so funny why the ear so big ? >.< & the hair like durian. anak sesat maner entah. xD

His face look the same as this bby below.HOR!
look carefully. The eyes the smile.HOR

This is so not real. This is just entertainment. HAHA
please comment.

Friday, April 10, 2009 @ 9:52 PM
Back to the top, baby.

i miss you , bby

Happy 2mth anniversary dear

Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 9:31 AM
Back to the top, baby.

new fren n class mate for nyp!


dats my class...
we are called ei0906 nt 5a1 4a1 3a1 2a2 1a2...
so here are the pic bt only half of the class...
n also plus our senior...

n btw at nyp, im known as Aman..
hehehe.. no more rahman like old days...
k chao

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 @ 1:32 AM
Back to the top, baby.

HeyLoo! I'm Ella Lee here! YoYo! Yeah! Now I'm also using this account to Blog! Hehe Aman Bby let me. Will Today I'm gonna story about Today. Today nothing much. Went to religious class. Talk about earth, man kind, angels. WOoo Interesting! Last lesson. Urgh! My teacher pick me as a volunteer to make henna for the lelong market. Gosh i'm tired! need to wake up in the morning again! And i don't know what to design. After that went home. Bored at home keep sleeping and eating and tv-ing and 15min doing homework. HAHA -_- Then shiok sendiri take picture. HAHAHA I brought new earing and hair band ! Weehee! Okay Whatever!

Dear Sayang,

I love you for who you are. I'm glad and proud to have you and be with you every time. Your the One and Only Love that I have. I love you. Your the sweetest and loving boyfriend. (Rugi org tk dpt) hehe!
Thanks for being so patient
Thanks for accompany me
Thank for being there whenever i need you
Thanks for everything that you done to me.
It really sweet of you.
touches my heart a lot.
I love you.

Aman is


Labels; I will love you forever, Aman

Saturday, April 4, 2009 @ 11:31 PM
Back to the top, baby.


hey watsupp...
have really less time to blog abt man..

k dun mind me no time..
so yea..

few days i go camwhore which i called the photoshoot!
n Ella was the cameraman or better said camerawoman!
so went to punggol end to take picture ard the red house
so here are the pic....

btw ive went to nyp orientation..
was bored on the 1st day, average for 2nd n awesome for the 3rd day!
so yea..
my class name very weird sia..
its EI0906..
which mean... class of engineering informatic year 2009 class no 6...
so yea..
made alot of new frenssss..
will update picture soon..
k la chao!!!