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tenacious D

Tenacious D : the final showdown..

[Beelz] I am complete!

[Both] Fuck!

[Beelz] yes you are fucked, shit out of luck
now I'm complete and my cock you will suck
This world will be mine and you're first in line
you brought me the pick and now you shall both die!

[JB] Wait! Wait! Wait!
you motherfucker
we challenge you to a rock off!
give us one chance to rock your socks off

[Beelz] Fuck, fuck, fuck
the demon code prevents me
from declining a rock off challenge
what are your terms? what is the catch?

[JB] If we win, you must take your sorry ass back to hell.
and also you will have to pay our rent

[Beelz] And what if *i* win?
[JB] then you can take Kage back to hell...
[KG] What?
[JB] trust me Kage, its the only way,
[KG] What the fuck are you talking about?
[JB] to be your little bitch.
Fine! Let the rock off begin!ha ha
I'm the devil i love metal!
Check this riff it's fucking tasty
I'm the devil i can do what i want,
whatever i got I'm gonna flaunt,
there's never been a rock off that I've ever lost
i cant wait to take Kage back to hell
I'm gonna fill him with my hot demon gel
I'll make him squeal like my scarlet pimpernel

[JB] No!
c'mon Kage bring the thunder
[KG] there's just no way that we can win,
that was a masterpiece.
[JB] listen to me
[KG] he rocks too hard because he's not a mortal man
[JB] goddamn-it Kage,
he gonna make you his sex slave,
you're gonna gargle mayonnaise
[KG] no
unless we bust a massive monster mama-jam.
[KG] dude, we've been through so much shit,
[JB] deactivated lasers with my dick
[BOTH] now its time to blow this fucker down!
[JB] C'mon Kage now it's time to blow doors down
[KG] I hear you Jables now it's time to blow doors down
[JB] Light up the stage cause its time for a showdown
[KG] We'll bend you over then we'll take you to Brown Town
[BOTH] Now we've got to blow this fucker down
[KG] He's gonna rape me if we do not blow doors down
[JB] C'mon Kage cause it's time to blow doors down
[KG] Oh we'll piledrive ya, it's time for the smackdown
[JB] Hey anti-christ-er, Beelzeboss,
we know your weakness our rocket-sauce
we rock the casbah, and blow your mind
we will defeat you, for all mankind
you hold the scepter,
we hold the key
you are the devil,
we are the D [18x]

You guys are fuckin' lame. Come on Kage, You're coming with me.
Taste my lightning fuckers!

[Tenacious D:]
[JB] NO!

ow! Fuck!
My fuckin' horn!
oh no!

[JB] From whence you came you shall remain,
until you are complete again

No! Fuck you Kage and Fuck you Jables!
I'll get you Tenacious D!

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 4:09 PM
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 @ 4:38 PM
Back to the top, baby.


im back in black...
k wasnt planning to post..
bt then this amoy forced me to post..
so yeah..
im here to entertain u guys again...

so hows my ghost pic?
guess dat cnferm some of u dun believe...
up to every individual to believe bebey...

where have ive been this few days?
ive been very very very buzy..
buzy wif family, buzy wif girlfren n cousin..
even have not much time for fren..

bt theres one time i did meet my fren, exclassmates...
so yeah..
they book a chalet for gathering since we are so close...
had a fun time...
pictures of chalet?
of coz have...
here it is...

miss my other fren also...
called "the kaki gerek"
so yaaaa...

BTW ive been wanting to post this..
so here it is..
a video of me waxing my armpit hair off..
so nice..
until nw havent grow yet sia..
so long...
so here's the video..

actualie have another video of me waxing my left armpit hair...
bt it really show the ugly side of me which u all cnnt see....
(make star wars type voice when read this)my handsome look cnnt be destroy by uglyness..

do u readers noe dat i gt a bike...
a "free" bike...
hehehehe.. wan to see??
here it is

where i gt it free??
u all no need to noe...
this bike had gone tru up n downs with me..
we rode in the rain stormy weather...
we rode on high slope...
n every thing laaaaa..
lazy to drama mama down here...
since its already 4.02 AM!

so yeah...
been wishing n hoping that someone will buy a motor bicycle...
so i cn dream on because i noe i wouldnt get...
so yeah.....

n another wish is to have a new laptop..
bt i tink this wish will come true...

hmmmmmmmm wat more to post ehkk????
really otak blank ready...
k la..
btw ltr must meet ella n hanuram...
so i think i chao nw..

i love u all my readers..
muackx (on ur private parts)...

Thursday, March 19, 2009 @ 2:45 AM
Back to the top, baby.

Hey wat sup my readers...
im bored so yeah im here to post..
sorie if u keep coming back to my blog to read bt then i nvr post..
sorie aye..
so here i am to entertain u guy once again..
bt this time abit spooky..
i prefer u all continue read tis post ltr at night...
maybe ard 12am to 4am...
coz i like it alot...
u need to feel the spookyness...
so ya story go on like this...

this guy, a security man at seletar airport was walking around the airport place...
when suddenly *insert ur shock face here* saw a pontianak (a female vampire) was flying around...
he wasnt a scary cat man..
so he took out his hp and capture this pontianak figure..
bt then in his hp it only came out the head but the figure is very far away..
so if u see from the hp itself u cn barely see the image of that pontianak..
so he send to one of his fren to analyse the pic and zoom in to the pontianak face...
so the fren analyse when he was at home alone...
after he analyse the pic using computer he put back the image to his phone so that cn bluetut to the security guard back...
bt after he went to0 sleep he just have this feeling to check out his phone due to msg or call i dunnoe...
then he found that his wall paper change...
his was paper was the zooom face o0f that pontianak dat he had analyse earlier on...
so he quickly delete the photo...
n didnt send the pic...

so the security guard send to my step father..
n i happenly analyse the pic without anybody asking...
so below here is the pic that ive analyse...
so enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

original pic

analyse pic..

Sunday, March 8, 2009 @ 2:36 PM
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