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i dunnoe wats todays outing is about so i just call it 27/2/09..
just let the pic do the talking...

The meeting point..
at sengkang interchange...

in the train otw to plaza singapura..

walkin to plaza singapura

at swensens..

the dishes...

rubini and hanuta eat curry chicken baked rice...

arep eat lamb chop

sofeeyah eat something which have shrimp n fries...
i dunnoe the name..

me n ella eat beef baked rice..

after mkn

the desert..

after eat must smoke!

then walked our way to play pool....

then camwhore along the way to takashimaya..
to go to swiss bake...

relax fer awhile n feel the wind..
n of coz eat something nice..

k then go home.. bye

Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 12:12 AM
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